GET THE LOWDOWN! Glycemic index explained


You have all probably heard of or seen the term Glycemic Index (GI), but do you know what it really means? And most importantly how it affects you and your eating habits?

A low GI eating plan can help to reduce that stubborn belly fat and even aid in helping you lose weight faster due to its slower rate of digestion and absorption. Meaning less chance of cravings as it keeps you fuller for longer. In health terms it will also help to boost energy levels, enabling you to do the things you want to do, stabilise blood sugar levels, lowering your risk of heart disease and diabetes.




Low 0 – 55 MORE > BEST
Modearate 56 – 69 EAT LESS

Some common GI SWAPS

Corn Flakes… Special K
GI 77 <SWAP> GI 53

White bread… Wholegrain bread
GI 70 <SWAP> GI 52–54

Pumpkin soup… Tomato soup
GI 76 <SWAP> GI 38

Rice crackers… Plain corn chips
GI 91 <SWAP> GI 42

Rockmelon… Orange
GI 88 <SWAP> GI 42

Boiled potato… Corn cob
GI 101 <SWAP> GI 46–48

Soy milk… Skim milk
GI 44 <SWAP> GI 20–34

Orange juice… Vegie juice
GI 66 <SWAP> GI 43

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