Inner Warrior Fitness is excited to announce the start of its ‘Bridal Bootcamp’ campaign. Being particularly inspired by the dramatic results that our bride to be clients have accomplished, not to mention the general success we have had in helping women achieve great results in the areas of weight loss, toning and body shaping, Bridal Bootcamp has been designed so that more women – in particular budding brides – can achieve these same results.

Bridal Bootcamp has been created for women who are getting married or have a special occasion they want to look spectacular for, or women who are looking to look and feel better about themselves but would like the encouragement and support of other women that are in similar shoes. We recognise that not all woman have the courage or budget to take on personal training and believe that Bridal Bootcamp is the perfect opportunity for these women to take the step to a healthier and sexier them.

The beauty of bridal bootcamp is that training sessions are run in groups, so you get support from not only your trainer but also other women who are trying to achieve the same results you are aiming for. And yes! You can organise your own group!

The classes focus on the kind of exercises that get women the results they want – FAST! To be fitter, stronger, leaner and toned in the areas that women care about. Wearing a strapless wedding dress? – let’s tone up those arms! Corset top? Let’s work on the back and waist area. Figure hugging bridesmaid dress? Let’s slim down the belly and waist! Going to show off those legs? You get the point. Women all have the same issues – Inner Warrior Fitness Bridal Bootcamp recognises them and works on them – HARD!

If this type of exercise sounds like something you want to try go to our ‘Services’ section on our website and click on Bridal Bootcamp for further information. We look forward to hearing from you!

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