Let’s Get Functional… and Serious!

I always hear people talk about getting that 6 pack (they’ve never had) or as the blokes put it… Getting ripped for summer. The truth of the matter is, that getting ripped part NEEDS TO HAPPEN ALL YEAR ROUND! The warmer months are creeping up and the light of day is getting longer so now is the time to get up, come out of hibernation and start to evaluate your fitness goals for the next few months. The motivation that was booming back in summer and sought of there as the cooler months set in has long ago passed. With that up now pops a sure thing, making that New Year’s resolution of bringing back the beach ready body. However, this time of year is actually when the wheels start to fall off. Think about it, with summer brings family commitments, BBQ’s, excess cocktails, Christmas parties and let’s face it any excuse that ensures fitness takes a back seat to anything.

The reality is, it doesn’t have to be that way. Why not use the warmer months to get fit and in better shape. What more motivation do you need other than the fact it is hot and sunny outside? Inner Warrior Fitness runs outdoor bootcamps all year round, and while the cold and rain has dampened some spirits, summer is shaping up to be an exciting time for all our members. This year we are adding new routines, new exercises and opening up the field a whole lot more so that you get more out of every session. Instead of focusing on longer distance routines we will be adding sprint routines along with equipment based and body weight exercises that will elevate your heart rate, make your legs more powerful and melt fat even faster. The plan is to up the ante even further and introduce more beach sessions that includes both sand dune hill running and swimming intervals with the aim to decrease wear and tear on the knees and hips but still ensure your body gets that all over body smash.

If bootcamps aren’t your thing and you prefer more lifting based routines and a more focused regime then perhaps one – on – one personal training sessions are more your style. Below we have a great promotion that is too good to turn down when it comes to getting back on track with your fitness. Be sure to read on for more details.

One – on – one sessions are a great way to address any concerns or weaknesses you think you may have or work on particular exercises to help get you to a level where you are happy to join our group sessions. At IWF, we offer very competitive rates and build personalised programs to suit every individual. We ensure personal attention is given at all times and our aim is to keep you motivated, so all you have to do is turn up with the right attitude. Personal training is also a great way to up the intensity and shock the body into giving you even better results sooner.



Summer Promotion

Make committing to a healthier and fitter you this summer easier by taking advantage of this value promotion. When you buy 5 x 1 hour one-on-one personal training sessions upfront for $400 you get a bonus sixth session on us. *CONDITIONS APPLY

As with any exercise program, the key is to make it a lifestyle and be consistent. Don’t let everyone else’s changing priorities have a negative impact on you and your fitness goals. Do whatever you like and whatever it takes to keep you on track, just get up, get out and do it! And who knows, you may actually have fun doing it.

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