As a fitness trainer I am always offering guidance and direction in the areas of health, fitness and nutrition. It is important to outline to you, our valued client, that when we at Inner Warrior Fitness offer nutritional advice to individuals, this information is based on general guidelines that are consistent with current dietary recommendations. This information is available to the general population, and any advice given by our trainers is directed in its entirety to an overall eating plan.

By no means are we qualified nutritionists, nor do we offer nutritional information or particular diets that claim to be beneficial for treating nutritional deficiencies or medical conditions to our clients.

But do not let this deter you, Inner Warrior Fitness will gladly offer you, where it can in practice the appropriate nutritional information and those fundamentals for developing and staying on the right track to good nutrition and health. Become an Inner Warrior member, to receive recipes tried and tested by our staff as well as important tips on eating well, tips for dining out and staying healthy at home.