Nathan is an accredited Rehab Trainer

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Since entering the world of the fitness industry Nathan has always sought to become a ‘New Breed’ of fitness professional. Through this Nathan wanted his clients to feel safe and know that they were putting themselves in the hands of a trainer who could not only help to determine their physical fitness needs, but could effectively assess, rehabilitate and prevent any low risk injuries from developing during their training program.

As a Rehab trainer Nathans primary role is training the injured body part, taking you from functional ability (what you might call a niggling, low risk injury) to an optimal state (that is, being uninjured and at no risk). His role is critical in understanding the concept of a body part being functional as well as being able to recognise when an injury has resolved sufficiently for it to be safe to train.

BE ASSURED NATHAN IS NOT A PHYSIOTHERAPIST. Nathan considers himself part of the “REHAB TEAM” for particular clients who have low risk injury in the same way that a massage therapist or physiotherapist might.

Please note: Being a Rehab Trainer seeks to strengthen old boundaries and adheres to a safe and effective model. This model is distinctively different to that of the physiotherapy model and therefore prevents the concern that professional boundaries are being crossed.

As a Rehab Trainer Nathan cannot and will not:

  • Diagnose injuries
  • Engage in certain types of isolation exercises that are most effectively carried out by a physio.

If you are suffering from a high risk injury, do not wait any longer as we can still help by referring you to a physiotherapist or other allied health professional within the local area.