…Amazingly, I beat two guys at squash last night who are vastly higher ranked than me, so I think Nathan’s classes are paying off. I was stoked!…

Alan Valvasori


What is it that you look for in someone who you are going to give control of improving your wellbeing? For me it would be the two P’s! Professionalism and Pride. When I think of the two P’s the first name that comes to mind is Nathan Duffy.

I have been a client of Nathan’s for the last 6 months due to a work related injury. I have to say that if it wasn’t for Nathan, I would not be anywhere near to being signed off, as able to return to work on full duties. I have found during my Rehab with Nathan, that Nathan listened to me well and has worked with me to gain the most out of my rehab.

I would never hesitate to recommend Nathan to anyone with an injury that is required to go through a rehab program. I have gained that much confidence in Nathan and his rehab professionalism that as soon as I am fit and well I will be taking Nathan and Inner Warrior Fitness on as a regular personal trainer. I think of the pain and sufferance I have been through since my accident, but then I look at the gain I have made by being introduced to Nathan and Inner Warrior Fitness.

Thanks Nathan and Inner Warrior Fitness

Adrian Elbourne

I have used Nathan Duffy of Inner Warrior Fitness services for the last 3 months for a lower back injury. I have found during this time doing hydrotherapy with him my back has started to improve.

Nathan has listened to me, worked with me and has given me creative ways to exercises that has improved my injury and in turn a better quality of life. He is always there to answer my questions, put my mind at ease and give me encouragement.

Dawn M Inatey

I have been working with Nathan from Inner Warrior Fitness for almost 4 months now. Personal training once a week has made a huge difference to my physical performance.

The thing that impresses me the most about Nathan’s training sessions is that each week he develops a training program uniquely for me. The programs incorporate a range of weigh training which is something I never considered doing however over the last few months I have noticed the changes in my body and increase in muscle tone. I look forward to my workouts every week with Nathan as it keeps me disciplined and motivated for the rest of the week.

Overall I would recommend Nathan and Inner Warrior Fitness for anyone who is looking to get in better shape, start using weights in their training sessions and wants to improve their overall health.

Elizabeth Couch

I have been with Nathan Duffy of inner warrior fitness, for six weeks now and I feel the difference already. I sought a personal trainer, because I wanted to be as fit as I could be and I needed somebody to keep me motivated.

Nathan keeps me motivated, by changing the workouts each week and by pushing me to be better each time. Through Nathan my stamina, my strength have both increased and more importantly so has my self belief.

I can honestly recommend Nathan of Inner Warrior Fitness, he will get you the results you want.

Alan Sillis


Att:- Nathan Duffy

I would like to thank you for all your help professionally, plus all the extra time you have put in, to help me towards making my life more bearable to live with the injuries I have.

Just let me remind you of the injuries:- I had a lumbar lamenectomy on L1 & L2 & from this surgery I was left with 90% of my left leg numb & unable to control, a left drop foot, Plus severe nerve damage. I also suffer with osteoarthritis throughout my whole body & both my knees have to be replaced but as you know the way the bones are they will not do the surgery. My whole spine is a mess & we are not sure when I would become paralyzed.

I was using a walking frame when you first starting seeing me & that was well after my surgery. Thankful to a friend who recommended you to me, as you were treating her father in-law at the time.

Now look at me I still struggle to walk & with all the other ailments, but I can walk most days with just a walking stick. Yes ok I can walk around (not too long) but I can & that is all that really matters.

I have some of my-self respect back which I thought I’d lost forever.

With the water physio you give me every week, it has made it so much easier for me to be able to move every day with a lot more ease.

I will admit that there are a lot of days when I say that I’m not going to the pool, but in reality I know that I am not able to do my day to day things without the extra pain I get, when my body starts to freeze from lack of therapy.

Nathan you do realize that when I curse and swear at you during our sessions, especially when you get me to try to stand on my toes & the severe pain hits me like a ton of bricks, that I do know that it is to keep me moving. I hate it also when you try to get me to walk backwards as you are aware that I am not able to do so since the operation as it also causes severe pain & I really know that it is to try & prevent me from having any more falls. The side step is much better thank you. That has helped me out a lot more than you might even realise.

This letter was written to let you know how you are really helping me with my day to day life. You have just made so much of an impact on my mobility which I thought I would never ever get back. I know I won’t ever be able to do all the day to day things, but I have, thanks to you, got my dignity back by being able to go to the toilet, get dressed etc…. on my own for 90% of the time now. Yeahhhh and for that I truly thank you.

Last but not least all I ask is that you don’t stop doing what you do as I know for a fact it would be a great loss for us all.

Thank you very much.

Kind Regards

Eva Morris